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ThinkBox by Mondi

The ThinkBox is designed to be a source of insight, creativity, vision and change in the corrugated packaging industry. We have designed a process to address every aspect of modern packaging challenges and, in the ThinkBox, given it a home. It’s a place where you can meet experts, find inspiration and originate design solutions.


Mondi Performance Lab

Learn more about our ISTA standardised tests to ensure that your packaging is suitable for your product and protects it in your specific supply chain. The Mondi performance lab is International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) certified and an approved member of the AMAZON APASS network.




Certificate Testing

Dangerous Goods Transportation Certificate

For more than 20 years we have been simplifying the process of certifying hazardous goods packaging for our customers. We offer a standard product range and comprehensive know-how in developing customised solutions, coupled with in-house certification.