Corporate Social Responsibility

Mondi, the leading global packaging and paper group, is committed to contributing to a better world, and sustainability is part of everything we do.

Supported social responsibility projects

Our common goal entails being aware of our social responsibilities towards the community and our employees, and acting conscientiously.

We have made considerable progress in broadening representation and diversity, but at the heart of our ambition is the creation of an environment where all voices are heard and new ideas quickly make themselves felt. It is important to keep our focus on empowering all our employees while also contributing to a better world by supporting the communities in which we operate.

All local achievements related to sustainability and corporate responsibility are appreciated in our company. Although significant progress has been made in expanding representation and diversity, our goal is is to create an environment in the centre of which all voices are heard and new ideas quickly make themselves felt. As we contribute to a better world by supporting the communities in which we operate, we believe it is important to involve all our employees in this process.

Within the scope of Mondi’s Corporate Social Responsibility approach, Mondi Corrugated Turkey continues to support social responsibility projects in the following areas in line with local needs:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Environment

Some of our social responsibility projects:

  • We supported the project to construct the 250-bed Tire State Hospital and funded all of the building’s computers and MRI devices. Our support continued with the supply of equipment, including face masks, during the pandemic period.
  • In response to numerous road traffic accidents on the outskirts of ─░zmir Tire district, we part-funded a pedestrian overpass.
  • We part-financed the Tire-Kutsan Vocational School of Ege University and have continued to provide support, including for the recent renovation of the school library.
  • We part-funded the building of Tire Kutsan Anatolian High School and have continued to provide support.
  • Hundreds of boxes have been sent to public authorities, including the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tire Municipality and Tire District Governorship, for use in disaster relief and social responsibility projects.
  • In the fourth year of the project “Let’s Keep Paper Alive”, we reached out to 16,250 students in 60 primary schools. The aim is to raise awareness of the need to use resources efficiently and recycle paper.
  • We donated 5,454 relief packages to LÖSEV for the food and clothing aid it provides to thousands of children with leukaemia and their families throughout Türkiye.
  • In 2019 a team of 25 volunteers ran the Istanbul marathon to raise money for KAÇUV, the Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer. After the 6.9-magnitude Izmir earthquake in 2020, we provided further assistance for children who were being treated for cancer in the region. On this occasion, again in cooperation with KAÇUV, we contributed to the distribution of Hopeful Boxes containing food, hygiene, and personal care products to 119 children receiving treatment at Ege University Hospital. We also supported the earthquake relief work by providing families with insulation materials to combat the cold weather.