IT Policy

In order to manage all kinds of risks to our information security and assets, Mondi Corrugated Turkey and its employees are committed:

  • To recognise that corporate information, personnel information and customer data are valuable and critical assets
  • To maintain the infrastructure required for the uninterrupted availability of the information technology services we use to perform our corporate operations, to allow only authorised persons to access personal and private data, and to take necessary security measures to this end
  • To document and continuously improve our information security management system so as to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 standard
  • To manage risks related to information assets systematically
  • To comply with all legislation and contracts relating to information security
  • To conduct training in order to develop technical and behavioural competences and raise awareness of information security issues
  • To manage information security in an integrated manner with our other management systems

Mondi Corrugated Turkey and its employees make every effort to be a model organisation in the packaging sector and paper industry through the leadership we demonstrate with our information security measures.