Hazardous goods certification

For more than 20 years we have been simplifying the process of certifying hazardous goods packaging for our customers. We offer a standard product range and comprehensive know-how in developing customised solutions, coupled with in-house certification.

Hazardous Goods Certification
Packaging compliance

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 We love the challenge of special product applications and have extensive know-how in safe packaging, even for highly explosive goods such as airbags.

Your benefits

  • Testing and approval of hazardous goods packaging
  • Approved and certified by BAM Berlin (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) for 4G packaging up to 400 kg
  • A sophisticated standard range with 4GV approval for diverse applications
  • Many different designs
  • Packaging solutions tailor-made for your requirements
  • Professional advice and information  

A “ready-to-go” standard range

Already certified packaging is at your disposal in 9 standard dimensions – the fast way to get your hazardous goods ready for shipment.

The standard range is approved for all packing groups and available through a network of distributors across Europe. All products have been tested as “combination packaging” with different internal packing solutions. We also offer additional drop tests for your individual application.


Easy-Lock is a latching system that allows the box to be reclosed without adhesive tape.

Airbag packaging

Packed in Durosafe or Durosafe-Light, your airbags will easily pass the bonfire test. We offer a large number of variants and sizes. Feel free to ask – we will be happy to advise you.

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