Quality and Food Safety Policy

To become an exemplary organisation in our industry without compromising occupational safety and health, we have adopted the following objectives:

  • Producing high-quality packaging that is harmless to human health and food-safe
  • Meeting our customers’ product and service quality demands in the best way possible with innovative solutions
  • Being a preferred employer
  • Continuously improving all our business processes and products

In order to achieve these objectives and to ensure continuous improvement and sustainability, we apply the following principles:

  • Consistent compliance with the rules specified in the relevant laws, regulations and management standards
  • Ranking among the leading companies in our sector as regards the environment and occupational health and safety
  • Customer orientation, listening to the voice of our customers and continuously ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Providing opportunities and guiding our employees, suppliers and all stakeholders towards continuous improvement
  • Offering high-quality products that are harmless to human health and food-safe by focusing on design and development
  • Increasing the efficiency of all our processes by way of reviews and prevention without compromising product and service quality